Information Science
& Engineering

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Webinar On ‘DevOps-Fusion Of Agile Operations’

The Department of Information Science and Engineering MVJCE, Bangalore organized the Webinar on ‘DevOps-Fusion of Agile operations’ on 26.9.2020. The resource person for the webinar was Mr. Dilip Gundala, Senior Solution Manager, Unisys, Bangalore. Mr. Dilip Gundala is also MVJCE alumni from 2001 CSE batch. During first one hour of the session, Mr. Dilip Gundala have explained all the topics. Participants gained knowledge on DevOps culture which is essential to promote collaboration between software Development team and Operations Team.

Webinar On ‘Smart Healthcare Solutions For COVID-19 Pandemic’

The Department of Information Science and Engineering MVJCE, Bangalore organized the Webinar on ‘Smart Healthcare Solutions for COVID-19 Pandemic’. The resource speaker for the webinar was, Dr. S. Balamurugan, SMIEEE ACM Distinguished Speaker, Founder & Chairman- Albert Einstein Engineering and Research Labs, Vice Chairman- Renewable Energy Society of India. Participants got an awareness on various research opportunities out of COVID-19 and also gained knowledge on the methodologies for adequately protecting data from unauthorized disclosure.

Webinar On “Data Quality For Artificial Intelligence”

The Department of Information Science and Engineering organized the webinar on “Data Quality for Artificial Intelligence”. Resource speakers from the webinar were Hima Patel, Research Manager, IBM; Nitin Gupta, Advisory Research Scientist, IBM and Naveen Panwar Advisory Research Engineer, IBM. The webinar started with a brief introduction on importance of quality data in Artificial Intelligence oriented applications by Hima Patel. Participants were able to understand data quality for AI, its importance in modern data science workflows and also got hands-on experience with open-source datasets.

Webinar On ‘Evolution Of Bigdata’

The Department of Information Science & Engineering organized a webinar on 27th June 2020 for students, faculty members, research scholars, and industry personnel. The Resource Speaker for the webinar was Mr. Balamurugan Natarajan, who is an experienced Manager with a demonstrated history of 15yrs of working exp in the information technology and services industry. He is Skilled in Oracle Database, Requirements Analysis, PL/SQL, Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Java & many more The main objective of this webinar was to give an awareness on evolution of Bigdata, various aspects and applications of it & how this technology is influencing everything in our lives.