M.Tech Aeronautical Engineering (AE)

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Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To have an international standing for imparting quality technical education in the field of Aeronautical Engineering and Technology, to a more sustainable and socially responsible future.

Our Mission

  • Knowledge & Innovation: The department aims in dissemination of knowledge to develop innovative solutions to the various problems in Aeronautical Engineering and related fields.
  • Professional Skills: To mould students into Aeronautical Engineers by maintaining best teaching and learning environment in which faculty grow professionally and students receive unsurpassed knowledge, skills, insights and tools for lifelong learning.
  • Research Inculcation: To inculcate the state-of-the-art technologies and R & D to design the next generation of high performance, efficient air & space transportation.
  • Socio-Ethical Responsibility: To nurture Aeronautical Engineers to be sensitive to ethical, societal and environmental issues while conducting their professional work.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • Employability & Skills: Graduates will be successful Aeronautical Engineers in Industry, Research and Academic sectors by applying the basic principles of Mathematics, Science and Engineering, with high quality communication and interpersonal skills to work effectively in multidisciplinary teams, both as team members and as leaders. 
  • Professional Development: Graduates will be able to synthesize data & derive technical specifications and also design and develop innovative solutions to the various problems in Aeronautical Engineering by engaging in lifelong learning and professional development.
  • Social & Ethical values: Graduates will use modern engineering techniques, skill and tools with high degree of professional ethics and standards, to fulfill the societal and personal needs.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

  • DGCA/FAR/FAA/MIL/JAR/DEFSTD0 regulations: Use the standard government regulations/specifications for design, manufacturing and testing purposes of civil and military aircrafts and perform various maintenance related works and synthesize information / data from various sources of Aircraft operations. 
  • Design, Development & Manufacturing of aircraft and related systems: Carry out the preliminary design and development of aircraft and manufacturing of various systems involved and Predict performance characteristics along with the stability analysis.