M Tech - Artificial Intelligence
and Data Science (AI & DS)

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Career Opportunities

“By 2022, Data Scientists and Analysts will become the Number One emerging roles in the world.” – World Economic Forum

  • Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are among the hottest fields of the 21st century, set to impact all segments of daily life by 2025, from transport and logistics to healthcare and customer service.
  • An MTech in AI&DS at MVJCE offers promising career prospects in reputed IT companies, multinational corporations, large software consulting firms, and research.
  • Masters in AI&DS are employed in high-paying roles such as Analytics Consultant, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Specialist, and more.
  • Skilled DS professionals can find placements in top Data Science companies like Accenture, Databricks, OpenText, Splunk, Oracle, and others, while qualified AI personnel can explore opportunities in innovative AI companies like Amazon, Facebook, NVIDIA, Intel, and more.
  • Entrepreneurship opportunities are integrated into the course structure, with workshops and projects aimed at fostering innovative thinking.
  • The Placement Cell at MVJCE is proactive, interacting with industry leaders to understand demands and ensure students are well-prepared for interviews through rigorous training in technical subjects, confidence-building, and communication expertise.