M Tech - Artificial Intelligence
and Data Science (AI & DS)

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Vision and Mission

Our Vision:

To be recognized as a Leader in the discipline of Computer Science and Design Engineering and to make our Engineers stand tall in the profession, by advancing design excellence in an evolving global environment, promoting human health and wellness, and cultivating a responsibility to society, the environment and the profession.

Our Mission:

To prepare the next generation of Design professionals to shape the quality and condition of human experience in the built environment through design excellence, and to provide academic leadership through the teaching-learning process, design research, and instill a commitment to advancing the profession.

Program Educational Objectives (PEO)

  • Technologist: Obtain in-depth understanding of sophisticated computational techniques and apply them to pertinent real-world problems in the framework of a particular application area.
  • Pioneer: Innovate and design using contemporary computing platforms, demonstrating a dedication to moral behavior and lifelong learning.
  • Scholar: Gain an understanding of the body of literature that is currently available for anyone interested in computer science and engineering research, and contribute to it.
  • Professional: Become a skilled professional by demonstrating technical and managerial abilities in a variety of diverse fields.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSO)

  • Researcher: Perform studies in diverse topics, applying acquired knowledge to recognize and address issues.
  • Solution architecture: Prove your capacity for critical thought by offering effective solutions to practical computing challenges that take social and environmental concerns into account.