M Tech - Artificial Intelligence
and Data Science (AI & DS)

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science are closely related fields that often overlap but have distinct focuses and methodologies. They provide robust solutions to complex problems. Data Science provides the foundational techniques for data handling and analysis, while AI brings advanced algorithms and models to extract deeper insights and automate decision-making processes. Together, they drive innovation across various industries, transforming how data is utilized and interpreted.

Core topics taught in the department.

  • For semester I, subjects like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Fundamentals of Data Science, Mathematics, Advance Data Structures, Human-Computer Interface, and Research Methodology, comprising 22 credits are covered.
  • For Semester 2, Subjects like Deep Learning, Advanced database management systems and No SQL, and 2 professional electives comprising of 22 credits are covered.
  • Professional Electives for semester 2 are:
  • Financial Data Analytics, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Predictive Analysis, Decision Support Systems, Cloud Computing, Natural Language Processing, Big Data Analytics, Blockchain Technology, Agile Technologies, Virtual Reality
  • For Semester 3, Internet of Things and Applications, 2 professional electives, one societal project and an internship of 6 weeks which comprises 22 credits are covered.
  • For Semester 3 electives are as follows:
  • Image Processing, Data and Web Mining, Semantic Web and Social Networks, Computer Vision, Business Intelligence and Analytics Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security, Decision Support Systems Cyber Security and Cyberlaw, Pattern Recognition, Object Oriented Design.
  • Students start their Project work phase 1 in semester 3.
  • Semester 4 mainly focuses on Project Phase Work -2 which holds 18 credits.

Open Electives studied by students.

This semester students have opted.

  • Professional Elective 1: Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Professional Elective  2: Virtual Reality

Internship and Certification Programmes

Internships in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science (DS) span a wide range of domains, reflecting the diverse applications of these technologies. Here are some prominent domains where you can pursue internships: Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computer Vision, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, Big Data and Data Engineering, Reinforcement Learning, Robotics and Autonomous Systems

M Tech - Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (AI & DS)