Master of Business Administration (MBA)

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Department Clubs

Club Activities

Club activities in an MBA program are vital for developing leadership, teamwork, and networking skills, providing students with practical experience and industry insights. They also enhance personal growth and career opportunities by facilitating interactions with peers, alumni, and professionals.

LeadEdge HR

LeadEdge HR Club Fosters a deeper understanding of human resource management through workshops, seminars, and networking events. The club provide practical insights and opportunities for students to engage with industry professionals and enhance their HR skills

Client Ngagers

Client Ngagers– the Marketing Club of MVJCE  focus on enhancing students’ marketing skills through hands-on projects, case competitions, and guest lectures. They provide valuable industry insights and networking opportunities with professionals and alumni in the marketing field.

Finance Club

The Finance Club in an MBA program is dedicated to helping students deepen their understanding of financial concepts and industry practices. It organizes activities such as Finance Games, Stock Games, networking events, workshops, and case competitions, providing members with practical experience, industry insights, and opportunities to connect with finance professionals and alumni.

Other Clubs