B.E. Artificial Intelligence
and Machine Learning (AI & ML)

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Career Opportunities

An AI and ML Engineer graduating from MVJCE will find it easy to secure a satisfying job. There are more companies waiting to recruit specialists in AI and ML, than there are qualified AI Engineers. It’s indeed a niche field. With more and more technological advancements happening in every industry, students of AI and ML will be able to apply their skills across different disciplines.

Some of the major career opportunities available to AI and ML Engineers, and the roles they can fit into:

  • Game Developer and Programmer
  • Data Engineers
  • Research Scientists
  • Software Engineers
  • Computer Scientists
  • Machine Learning Developer
  • Automation and Optimization Engineer
  • AI Consultant and Architect
  • Robotics Professionals


The Placement Cell at MVJCE is a vibrant one that takes a lot of effort in studying the pulse of the Industry and understanding Industry demands. In this ongoing process, the Placement Cell keeps interacting with Industry leaders, Managers and Senior Engineers to ensure that our students will be able to meet their expectations. And right from the day, a student enters the portals of the college, the Cell begins rigorous training, preparing the student for the final D-Day, where he /she will be facing an Interview panel and finally mold them to have their dream jobs on hand. Our students are not only trainedin the technical subjects, but are also groomed thoroughly into wholesome people, a responsible person in the society, with the emphasis on confidence-building and communication expertise, making them an asset to the nation and any organization that they get placed in.