B.E. Artificial Intelligence
and Machine Learning (AI & ML)

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Vision and Mission

Our Vision:

To develop competent professionals in the field of AI & ML contributing globally to the benefit of industry and society.

Our Mission:

To develop state of the art academic and infrastructural facilities with modern equipment and other learning resources to produce self-sustainable professionals.

Program Educational Objectives (PEO)

  • Current Industry Practices: Graduates will analyze real world problems and give solution using current industry practices in computing technology.
  • Research & Higher Studies: Graduates with strong foundation in mathematics and engineering fundamentals that will enable graduates to pursue higher learning ,R&D activities and consultancy.
  • Social Responsibility: Graduates will be professionals with ethics, who will provide industry growth and social transformation as responsible citizens.
  • Entrepreneur: Graduates will be able to become entrepreneur to address social, technical and business challenges.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSO)

  • Innovator: AI subsystem design, development, and prototyping will be made possible for students by utilizing fundamental AI engineering concepts.         
  • Troubleshooter: : By using their newly gained expertise in machine intelligence, data analytics, and data storage, students will be able to tackle real-world business problems.